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About Us

450 Albert Street West

Sault Ste Marie. Ontario, Canada

P6A 3C3

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The purpose of the G. Marconi Society as a non profit and social society club is to provide frequent activities for promoting cordial relationship among its members and to proudly serve the greater community by providing opportunities for children with special needs.We also provide financial assistance for young adults seeking education and support for our seniors. Financial support for non profit health and social service organizations that serve our community.



The Board of Directors is comprised of five officers, President, Vice President, Treasurer, and both English and Italian Secretaries and up to 10 Consiglieri or councillors. The Board of Directors are responsible for the governance and administration of club activities.

EXECUTIVE 2022-2024


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Elettra Marconi Ladies Society

The Elettra Marconi Society, celebrating 90 years of service, formed in 1932, is an all ladies club which promotes the Italian heritage, while actively supporting our youth and community.

Our objectives are to encourage the members to preserve and promote the Italian culture and heritage in the community

To encourage and support youth participation in sports and recreational activities

To promote Post Secondary Education through a scholarship awarded annually

To provide a centre, inclusive of all persons without any barriers for them to enjoy their leisure time

(Elettra is the name of famous Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi’s daughter)

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